Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Thank Yous atbp.!

First off, I want to thank the Scrappin' Moms for organizing this Bi-yearly Scrapfest, to pave way for scrappers to meet, chat, do workshops and shop for the lattest trends in scrapbooking. I too was once a scrapper/shopper who awaits for the scrapfest, being based in San Pablo City, Laguna, i seldom have the time to go to manila just to go to our scrapbook suppliers to buy items (thus, Rekindled Moments was born). When I first joined the Scrapbooks-Exchange group, the first scrapfest was just held a couple months back. So when i heard of of the next Scrapfest i got curious. This scrapfest is my 3rd to date.

Thank you to the people behind Scrappin' Moms, April, Joanne, Liza, Pia, Ria, Iris, Mia and SL, you guys do these things for the betterment and improvement of our scrapbook community. Hoping that your dreams of putting the Philippines as one of the Most talented Scrappers in Asia, will soon come true. I'm sure it will be coming very very soon, we have so much talent here!

To Joanne, we didn't had much bonding time, but the very first time i talked with you, i knew you were a kindered soul, ms. congeniality as what everybody calls you. Hoping for a brighter future for you and for your family. We will surely miss you. Take care always!

Thank you also to Jeff and Meng for taking the time to document the event. Here are some pictures they took of the event:

Thank you also to all the scrappers who bought from Rekindled Moments, eventhough Rekindled Moments Store is just barely 3 months old, I am pleased with the outcome. Rest assured, more items will be coming in the coming months and also setting-up our MAIN BRANCH at Taft Avenue (near PGH, PWU and infront of PCU) to better showcase our products. Also we are finding ways to cater everybody with our branches , having scrapbooking section/stalls at (my brother's toyshop) - Goldcrest for Makati customers & Shopesville for Q.C./Mandaluyong/Pasig customers, scrapbooking section/stall also at store (my older brother's sports shop) in Club650. Also catering for Laguna customers.

Thanks also to my sister who drove me to Max's that day, also to Mang Bert (my mother-in-law's driver) who drove the van with all the display stands and items. To Amie (my brother's tindera) and to Hazel (my Mom's househelp) for helping me that day. It's nice to know that they are looking after for my welfare, being on my 6th month of pregnancy that very day. Thanks also to my closest friend in the scrapbooking community, Cookie Cerujano-Aguilar (my former officemate turned Kumare turned advisor/chatmate, my hubby's so called SOULMATE during our Chinabank days), for all your support. Also, thanks also to her sis-in-law, Vanessa.

Unfortunately my Mama wasn't there to help me out, though I know she really wanted to, my Father mistakenly booked a Singapore flight that weekend. Thanks also for always being there helping me and for your unconditional love.

Here are the pictures of the Final challenge of the Scrappin' Moms Idol Final 12:

Congratulations again to Cabbie for being the 1st Scrappin' Moms Idol! Here is her winning entry:

Last, but not the least, my special thank you to my hubby, Derick, for all the support and for baby sitting Caitlyn for the 2 days i was gone (Friday for packing the things to bring to the scrapfest and pricing the Balikbayan box items that just arrived a couple of days prior to the scrapfest - will post pics of the new items - and Saturday for the event day itself). I'm proud of him, he has been very supportive with my pregnancy. I'm a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) who's 6months pregnant, so as a way to help me, most of the time he is the one cooking dinner or helping our maid with the menu, he even gives Caitlyn her bath almost everyday if he has the time. Thank you B, I love you! Happy 4th year anniversary!

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