Thursday, December 6, 2007

CherryArte Challenge Entries!

Here are the entries to Rekindled Moments' 1st CherryArte Challenge:

Name: Vanessa Aguilar

Title: All-stars

This is my favorite all star converse shoes. The first time i saw this, i said to myself - i gotta have this baby.

Materials used:
DCWV cardstock - white & violet
Ac thickers
Cherry arte pps - poolside - lounge lizard
- princess - heather & corinne
Cherry arte chipboards - princess
Wrmk - ribbon
Sakura pen - violet
AL stamps - scribbles hearts & stars
Inque boutique stamps - stars
MM paint - sunflower
Color box -chestnut roan & brown

Name: Timi O. Mercado

Title: Be my Friend

Journaling reads:
Time, how fast you slip away. It seems just like yestreday when I hold Jigs in my arms, so tiny, helpless and totally dependent on me on just about everything. gone are the days when Jigs insisted to watch his favorite Disney cartoons with me, what else but Tarzan, Hercules and Jungle Book. gone are the days of collecting Happy Meal, kiddie, Meal and Chuckie Meal. Good for me though! Gone are the days when Jigs make kulit to buy Pokemon figures, Marvel, X-men and Justice League action figures which he collected with much enthusiasm. Gone are those days! But now, I'm beginning to miss those days of yesteryears when Jigs was still small and would willingly pose for a photo. So time, please be my friend, don't fly to fast for I don't want my only boy to be a man. Not yet.

Materials used:

Cherry Arte pp - Morocco (Mirror Ball, Aniseed and Saffron) and Princess (Sheri)
Cherry Arte chipboard - Morocco (clock and 2 stars)
Provo Craft plain paper
DCWV cardstock (title)
Colorbox Fluid Chalk (Autumn Pastels)
DMC thread (golden yellow)
Metallic thread
Buttons in orange
Metal photo corners
Dong-a Gel pen
Glitter glue

Florence Ramos

TITLE: Daddy's little Helper

It seems a few year ago, you were just a baby. Now you have grown and loves to help around.

Dear Rod-rod,

It always amazes me with your awesome interest in construction. The backhoe, dumptruck, jackhammer....... Will you??????

Hope you grow up Healthy and Happy.





CherryArte Morocco-Mirror Ball and All Spice
CherryArte Princess-Heather
Bazzill Basics Inspirations-Earth, Wind & Fire-artichoke
KI Memories-Favorite Things-Beautiful Mood Rings
Asia Colour Premium in Gold
Sandpaper for the title
RUB-ONS: Princess rub-ons
STAMPS: Inque enthusiastic lower mini
INK: Versafine onyx black
PUNCHER: Carls CP2-1" circle & 3/4" circle for the construction hat
Crayolo crayons in Red; Artline fine line acid-free pen, elmers craft glue

Name: Florence Ramos

Title of LO: Gummy Grins

Journaling: Smile..... Sunshine is good for your teeth!!!

Material used:
Patterned Papers=Cherry Arte Princess: Heather, Corinne; Cherry Arte Morroco: Mirror Ball;
Cherry Arte Princess Rub-ons,
DCWV cardstocks bright,
pebeo gloss touch in bright red,
Carls trimmer with Victorian cutter blade,
Hybrid gel white pen.
Elmers tacky glue,

Name: Timi O. Mercado

Title: I am Grateful for You

Journaling reads: Dannah, many say that we look alike, appearance-wise. But there's more to our looks for we are alike in so many ways...and I'm very grateful for that! Grateful to see myself in you. At your young age, I see an immense talent in public speaking. I see much potential in your ability to be an outstanding leader. But more importantly, I am grateful for the wonderful person you are becoming- responsible, loving, selfless, compassionate and thoughtful. Finally, all my GRATITUDE go to the ONE who gave you to me to love, nurture and chesish - our Lord God. Love, Mama

Materials used:
Cherry Arte pp - Princess (Heather, Sheri, Corrine)
Cherry Arte rub-ons (Princess)
Cherry Arte chipboard (Morocco)
DCWV cardstock
DCWV alphabet stickers
Glitter glue
DMC thread
Uni-ball Signo pen in white
Fabriano cardstock
Colorbox Fluid chalk ink

Name: Vanessa Aguilar

Title: live it up

Journaling: enjoy life to the fullest - live, laugh, love

Materials used:
DCWV Cardstock - yellow & violet;
AC Thickers
Cherry arte pps - princess - heather & corinne
Cherry arte chipboard - princess
Sakura Aqualip black & red
Stamp - inque boutique hearts
wrmk - ribbon;
mm paint white;
colorbox-chestnut roan

Name: Elizabeth Tan Gochuico

Title: Souvenir at Manila Zoo

The Souvenir we have at Manila zoo. Last, Nov. 18, 2007 we visited the animal kingdom for the second time, and this time around we encountered different kinds of animals. First, we met elephant name "Mali", we also encountered "Gigi", the fat belly, "Erica", the ostrich, "Oreon", the horse, "Dora", the gorilla, and "David", the monkey. In this place it teaches people to love, and respect God creation. We ll have fun meeting our animal friends.

Materials Used:
DCWV Bright Cardstack,
CA-Princess Ratt,
CA-Morocco All Spice,
CA-Poolside Duck Drive,
Reeves glitters glue-citrine,
Pebeo pearl touch-olive,
MM brads,
ABS Accordion Scrapbook kit,
ABS ribbon,
ABS patterened and solid colored pps,
Scrapbook stickers,
MM paint-harvest,
Yellow paper,
Staedler black pen,
Bic glue pen.

Name: Mary Anne Posada

Title: Toothless Little Fairy

MJ, you're one of the cutest little fairy, not because of your costume...but your toothless smile!

Materials Used:
CA Morroco Spicey Notes / Saffron / All Spice and CA Princess Rett
CA Princess Collection Chipboards and Rub-ons
Glitters, ribbons and buttons

Name: Elizabeth Tan Gochuico

Title: Time out 123 Smile

Grace, hold that pose!!! Mama, is taking you a picture 123 say "cheese", what a smile! Grace. What a face!

Big Smile, A picture is worth a thousand words! Picture Perfect!

Materials Used:
DCWV Bright Cardstack,
CA-Princess Emma,
CA-Morocco All Spice,
CA-Poolside Duck Drive,
CAC 147,
MMBI rub-ons,
DYC Thread,
Small silk flowers,
MM brads,
DCWV stiching rub-ons,
Hambly screen prints,
ABS Chipboard,
MM paint-harvest,
Staedler pen-black,
Pebeo gloss touch-cinnamon,
black, Bic glue pen

NAME: Mary Anne A. Posada

Title: you are an ice cream

I love how you finish your ice cream so sweet with SATISFACTION!

Material used:
CA Moroco Spicey Notes / All Spice / Princess Collection Ret
BG Infuse Saturate
Moroco and Princess Collections Rub-ons
Princess Collections Chipboards
dcwv alpha stickers and rub-on stitches

Name: Phylline Comia

Title of your LO: 1 Fun Day with My Family

Hidden journaling: These are the moments I will always cherish... ordinary days of extraordinary fun and laughter...

Die cut journalling: Having fun should mean you are loud so every one can hear how much joy there is in life to share.

CA Sunny Days and Lounge Lizard,
chipboard poolside,
die cut arcade,
glitter glue and stickles,
heart metal emb,
photo turns and brads

*** We sadly regret to not count Phylline Comia's (1 Fun day with my Family) and Vanessa Aguilar's (Live it up) entries, it did not fullfill some requirements for the Challenge!

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