Friday, June 6, 2008

CHIPBOARD ALERT (Another new brand for you, RIFF RAFF DESIGNS)!!!

Another new brand of Chipboard are instore for all ya CHIPBOARD LOVERS... introducing chipboards from RIFF RAFF DESIGNS and some sample LOs from Riff Raff's Design Team. Riff Raff Chipboards are 1.5mm thick (0.06 gauge) and so when these shapes are Lasercut from our chipboard, these are the perfect embellishment - they can be painted, embossed or left raw to give that finishing touch to your page:

Lovebug (RR03110) - P150.00
- a pack containing 1 set of Chipboard shapes to make the 'Lovebugs' Design. Each pack contains several different shapes to make 2 separate lovebugs.
1998 Road Trip by Anam Stubbington (love bugs)

Corners of Flourish (RR03107) - P150.00
- a pack containing 1 set of Chipboard shapes to make the 'Corners of Flourish' Design. Each pack contains 2 identical shapes.
Fairy Tale by Kara Anderson (Corners of Flourish)
My Safe Place by Jill Williams (corner flourishes)Puppy by Chantel Mernickle (corner Flourishes)

Lace Butterfly (RR03106) - P200.00
- a pack containing 1 set of Chipboard shapes to make the 'Lace Butterfly' Design. Each pack contains 3 shapes - the main butterfly and the inside parts to the wings which can be used separately.
thanks K.C. by Chantel Mernickle (inside wings from Lace Butterfly)
Wings by Lisa Kercher (Lace Butterfly)

Herd of Dinosaurs (RR03105) - P200.00
- a pack containing 1 set of Chipboard shapes to make the 'Herd of Dinosaurs' Design. Each pack contains 4 separate dinosaur shapes - Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Sauropod (aka Brontosaurus) and Tyrannosaurus Rex .
Our herd by Anam Stubbington (herd of dinosaurs)
Dylon by Jill Williams (Herd of Dinosaurs)

Wings of an Angel (RR03103) - P150.00
- a pack containing 1 set of Chipboard shapes to make the 'Wings of an Angel' Design. Each pack contains 6 separate pieces which stack on top of each other to make a two 3 tiered wings.
Angel by Anam Stubbington (Wings of An Angel, Touch of Flourish)
Wings by Anam Stubbington (wings of an angel)

Touch of Flourish (RR03102) - P210.00
- a pack containing 1 Chipboard shape to make the 'Touch of Flourish' Design. Each pack contains 1 long flourish shape approximately 11.5" long.

I rock by Chantel Mernickle
30 minutes of wonderful by Nadine Karan (touch of flourish)
Snow Angel by Jill Williams (Touch of Flourish)

Cherry Blossom (RR03101) - P175.00
- a pack containing 1 set of Chipboard shapes to make the 'Cherry Blossom' Design. Each pack contains 3 open flowers and 2 bud flowers.
Hana by Anam Stubbington (Touch of Flourish, Cherry Blossoms)
Love by Julianne Cragg (Cherry Blossom)
San Diego 2005 by Nadine Karen (Cherry Blossom, touch of Flouirsh)

Wings of A Fairy (RR03100) - P190.00
-a pack containing 1 set of Chipboard shapes to make the 'Wings of a Fairy' Design
Love by Nadine Karen (wings of a fairy)
Me & Avril by Chantel Mernickle (wings of a fairy)

Sent with Love (RR02111) - P175.00
- a pack containing 4 different shapes that make up the 'sent with Love' winged envelope shape
Wise Words by Anam Stubbington (sent with love)
Love by Nadine Karen (sent with love)

Gaggle of Gears (RR02109) - P175.00
- a pack containing 7 'Gaggle of Gears' shapes.

Wind by Lisa Kercher (Gaggle of Gears)
Boys and their toys by Julianne Cragg (Gaggle of Gears)

Group Skullies (RR02107) - P125.00
- a pack containing several different shapes to make up three small 'Skully' shapes. Pack contains 3 small skull plus several parts to dress the skulls to suit.
Fragile by Lisa Kercher (skull)
Goth Rock Princess by Anam Stubbington (single skully with heart eyes)
love at TM by Lisa Kercher (2 skulls)
Stars in their eyes by Jill Williams (Group Skullies)

Peas in a Pod (RR02105) - P175.00
a pack containing an assortment of shapes to make up a single 'Peas in a Pod' shape by Riff Raff designs. Enough space to put 3 shapes in the pod.
So alike by Anam Stubbington (peas in a pod)

Curly Tree Large (RR02103) - P280.00
- a pack containing 1 single Large 'Curly Tree' shapes by Riff Raff designs.
05 by Chantel Mernickle (curly tree)
Family by Julianne Cragg (Large Curly Tree)
Forever by Lisa Kercher (Large Curly Tree)
Grow old with me by Nadine Karen (curly tree)
Growing Love by Julianne Cragg (Large Curly Tree)

Curly Tree Small (RR02102) - P175.00
- a pack containing 1 single small 'Curly Tree' shapes

Mr. & Mrs. Whoo (RR02101) - P175.00
- a pack containing 2 different 'Mr & Mrs Whoo' shapes. Each pack contains a male and female owl shape.
Edinburgh by Jill Williams (Mrs Whoo)
Mr & Mrs by Julianne Cragg (Mr & Mrs Whoo)

Your Robot (RR01114) - P150.00
- a pack containing an assortment of 'Your Robot' shapes. It comes with 3 tummy panels and 2 sets of eyes to make your own robot!

Coffee (RR01106) - P175.00
- a pack containing 1 set of Chipboard shapes to make the 'Coffee?' Design. Each pack contains a variety of shapes to make a large coffee mug design.

Rockets to Space (RR01105) - P175.00
- a pack containing an assortment of 'Rockets' shapes. 2 rockets, a planet and some stars!

Cupcakes for all (RR01104 ) - P175.00
- a pack containing an assortment of 'cupcake' shapes, comes with 2 different cupcakes shapes - along with an assortment of decorations in each pack!
Happy Birthday by Anam Stubbington
One Candle by Anam Stubbington


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