Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Arrivals - Inkpads from Clearsnap part 1 of 2

These archival quality inks evoke the fine art palette of Chalk Pastels! 2" x 1". ColorBox Fluid CHALK inks share the resilience of pigment ink but stamp and blend like dye ink, drying quickly on absorbent surfaces. Permanent when heat set, they resist smearing, bleeding or fading even when air dried. The very flat, muted finished surface lends itself to many simple yet sophisticated techniques. ColorBox Fluid Chalk inkpads use a special foam pad that allows you to select the ining intensity desired for stamping, Direct-To-Paper and many other backgrounding techniques. Use these inkpads with any size stamp. Safe, water-based formula will not dry out or leak. Safe, water-basedformula will not dry out or leak. All ColorBox inkpads are made by Clearsnap in the USA and are unconditionally guaranteed!

Cats Fluid Chalk - Alabaster (Model# CB-71423) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Amber Clay (Model#CB-71410) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Burnt Sienna (Model#CB-71418) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Charcoal (Model#CB-71404) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Chestnut Roan (Model#CB-71403) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Dark Brown (Model#CB-71435) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Deep Green (Model#CB-71427) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Dark Moss (Model#CB-71401) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - French Blue (Model#CB-71425) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Olive Pastel (Model#) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Rouge (Model#CB-71415) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Tangerine (Model#CB-71411) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Warm Red (Model#CB-71417) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Warm Violet (Model#CB-71421) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Wisteria (Model#CB-71405) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Yellow Cadmium (Model#CB-71428) - P120.00

Cats Fluid Chalk - Yellow Citrus (Model#CB-71428) - P120.00

Acid free Vivid! Dye inks produce bright, vivid colors and sharp detail, expecially on glossy paper. 2.6" x 1.5". Dries rapidly, even on coated papers. Washes clean with water. Can be used with any size stamp because of their raised inking surface. Vivid's high-tech foam pad gives improved performance over traditional hard felt pads. Vivid! inks will not interact or harm other elements in a keepsake project. However, we recomment Ancient Page permanent dye inks or ColorBox Pigment inks, properly heat set or embossed, for most archival projects.

Mini Vivid - Black (Model# CB-09382) - P150.00

Mini Vivid - Cobblestone (Model#CB-09362) - P150.00

Mini Vivid - Coffee Bean (Model#CB-09391) - P150.00

Mini Vivid - Hot Red (Model#CB-09387) - P150.00

Mini Vivid - Olive (Model#CB-09359) - P150.00

Mini Vivid - Orange (Model#CB-09313) - P150.00

Mini Vivid - Plum (Model#CB-09360) - P150.00

Mini Vivid - Raspberry (Model#CB-09325) - P150.00

Mini Vivid - Spring Green (Model#CB-09342) - P150.00

Mini Vivid - Taupe (Model#CB-09355) - P150.00

Mini Vivid - Vintage Green (Model#CB-09392) - P150.00

Mini Vivid - Yellow (Model#CB-09311) - P150.00

MagicStamp - Eight Pack (Model# CB-10201) - P400.00
Mold your own stamps! 8 stamp blocks. Each stamp block is .875" thick. Package comes with instructions and project ideas. MagicStamp is a wonderful material that allows you to mald your own foam stamps from any natural or man-made textured surface. Simply heat MagicStamp foam with a 300 degree F. heat source for about 30 seconds (a heat gun works great). Keep heat gun or foam in motion to avoid overheating. Press heated MagicStamp foam quickly against any cool, textured surface. Hold down firmly for 20 seconds. Ink and Stamp! MagicStamp can be inked just like any other stamp. ColorBox Cat's Eye pads, Petal Point, ColorBox 2 or Paintbox Option Pads can be used to brush color onto the block to create blends or color effects. MagicStamp can be reheated and remolded again and again. The moded image is quite durable but will diappear as you reheat the foam.

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