Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kaisercraft 12x12 Papers

Here are 14 Kaisercraft Paper lines to choose from, each line have only 4 double-sided designs.

Kaisercraft Be Mine Line:

Sample of Be Mine Line of papers

Kaisercraft Papers - Be Mine - Dotty (Model # P196) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Be Mine - Smitten (Model # P197) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Be Mine - Charmed (Model # P198) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Be Mine - Besotted (Model # P199) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Country Grove Line:
Sample using Country Grove papers

Sample using Country Grove Papers

Kaisercraft Papers - Country Grove - Meadow (Model # P232) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Country Grove - Harvest (Model # P233) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Country Grove - Floral Field (Model # P234) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Country Grove -Daisy Chain (Model # P235) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Flutterby Line:

Sample using Flutterby line of papers

Sample using Flutterby line of papers

Kaisercraft Papers - Flutterby - Monarch (Model # P236) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Flutterby - Painted Lady (Model # P237) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Flutterby - Spring Azure (Model # P238) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Flutterby - Long Wing (Model # P239) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Bird Song Line:

Kaisercraft Papers - Bird Song - Morning Flight (Model # P240) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Bird Song - Robins Egg (Model # P241) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Bird Song - Wing Tip (Model # P242) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Bird Song - Flutter (Model # P2 - P42.00

Kaisercraft Superhero Line:

Sample using Superhero line papers

Kaisercraft Papers - Superhero - Dare Devil (Model # P252) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Superhero - Villain (Model # P253) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Superhero - Stunt Man (Model # P254) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Superhero - Comic (Model # P255) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Old World Line:

Kaisercraft Papers - Old World - Norther Star (Model # P272) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Old World - Yonder (Model # P273) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Old World - Wind Rose (Model # P274) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Old World - Meridian (Model # P275) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Skull Girl Line:

Kaisercraft Papers - Skull Girl - Spoilt (Model # P280) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Skull Girl - Missy (Model # P281) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Skull Girl - Kiss Kiss (Model # P282) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Skull Girl - Babe (Model # P283) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Everblooming Line:

Kaisercraft Papers - Everblooming - Birds of Paradise (Model # P284) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Everblooming - Blooming (Model # P285) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Everblooming - Bellflower (Model # P286) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Everblooming - Marigold (Model # P287) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Wish Upon Line:

Sample using Wish Upon Line

Sample using Wish Upon Line

Kaisercraft Papers - Wish Upon - Bright (Model # P292) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Wish Upon - Shine (Model # P293) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Wish Upon - Twinkle (Model # P294) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Wish Upon - Sparkle (Model # P295) - P42.00

Sample using Home for Christmas line

Kaisercraft Papers - Home for Christmas - Egg Nog (Model # P296) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Home for Christmas - Kris Kringle (Model # P297) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Home for Christmas - Santa's Delivery (Model # P298) - P42.00
Kaisercraft Papers - Home for Christmas - Sleigh Ride (Model # P299) - P42.00


Sample using Pear Tree papers

Sample using Pear Tree papers

Kaisercraft Papers - Pear Tree - Snow Finch (Model # P304) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Pear Tree - French Hen (Model # P305) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Pear Tree - Nightingale (Model # P306) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Pear Tree - Turtle Dove (Model # P307) - P42.00


Sample using Christmas Spirit line

Sample using Christmas Spirit line

Kaisercraft Papers - Christmas Spirit - Joyful (Model # P315) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Christmas Spirit - Merry (Model # P314) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Christmas Spirit - Cheerful (Model # P313) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Christmas Spirit - Jolly (Model # P312) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Distracted Line:
Kaisercraft Papers - Distracted - Dazed (Model # P319) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Distracted - Woozy (Model # P318) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Distracted - Confused (Model # P317) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Distracted - La La Land (Model # P316) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Dancing Jewels Line:
Kaisercraft Papers - Dancing Jewels - Amethyst (Model # P327) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Dancing Jewels - Topaz (Model # P326) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Dancing Jewels - Jade (Model # P325) - P42.00

Kaisercraft Papers - Dancing Jewels - Quartz (Model # P324) - P42.00


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