Saturday, January 26, 2008

Up for grabs for Scenic Route's Challenge Winner!

What's instore for our Scenic Route's Challenge Winner? An assortment of yummy items! A little of each from Rekindled Moments' New Arrival lines (WRMK's White Out - Promenade & Ki Memories' Pop Culture).

(Left to Right: Ki Memories Pop Culture Hopscotch Red Hot Lace Cardstock, Ki Memories Pop Culture Flower Child Pinata Lace Cardstock, Ki Memories Pop Culture Disco Ball Boogieboard Lace Cardstock & Ki Memories Pop Culture Green Frame Softies)

(Left to Right: Ki Memories Pop Culture Leapfrog Frosty Pattern, Ki Memories Pop Culture Coloring Book Frosty Pattern & Ki Memories Pop Culture School Taglines)
Close-up of Frosty Patterns (coloring book & leapfrog models), it will give you a shiny, silvery color when you tilt it (sorry i wasnt able to capture the silvery color much)...

(Left to Right: WRMK White Out Promenade - Imagine, WRMK White Out Promenade - Curly Q, WRMK White Out Promenade - Dance Card, WRMK White Out Promenade - Dreams, WRMK White Out Promenade - Fantasy, WRMK White Out Promenade - Chipboard Tags, WRMK Copper Break Ribbon 1yrd, WRMK Pewter Blocks Ribbon 1yrd, WRMK Pewter Horizon Ribbon 1yrd & WRMK White Out Promenade - White Rub-ons )
Hope you all liked it!!!


Deadline is on January 31, 2008.

Congratulations to LIEZL & CORS of LB Scrapaholics!!!

I would like to Congratulate Liezl Arellano and Cora Mijares of the LB Scrapaholics for winning the Scrapbytes Oct-Nov2007 Challenges... Rekindled Moments was happy to sponsor that challenge.

Congrats Liezl! Hope you liked the prizes . . .

(Left to Right: Scenic Route's Sumner Narrow Street, Sumer Village Drive, Sumner Cherry Ave, Sumner Bonney Ave, Sumner Ryan Avenue, Sumner Diecut Arrows, Sumner Circles)

(Left to Right: CherryArte's Cosmic Energy Space View, Cosmic Energy Asteroids, Cosmic Energy No Radar, Cosmic Energy Diecut and Maya Road's Treasure Box Chipboard Book)

Congrats also to Cors! Hope these items can be beneficial and can be made into something memorable! Enjoy!

(Left to Right: Scenic Route's Ashville Orchard Street, Ashville Cumberland Avenue, Ashville Orange Street, Ashville Edwin Place, Ashville Patton Avenue, Ashville Diecut Arrows, Ashville Label Stickers, Ashville Friends Cardstock Stickers)

(Left to Right: CherryArte's East of India Collection Incense, Little Friends Collection Friendship Tales, Little Friends Collection Paisley Burst, Chipboard Directions and Maya Road's Treasure Box Chipboard Book)

Gave Birth Na!

I would like to thank everyone who texted and emailed me their congratulations! Di ko na kayo iisa-isahin baka may makalimutan ako.

January 3, 2008 (Thursday), at lunch time I went in for my weekly check-up, was still anticipating the "closer interval ng contractions" or the "waterbag break" or the "bloody show" that everyone was telling me na when you see/feel those that "IT'S TIME NA". My OB-Gyne (a friend of my father-in-law), checked my BP and IE (Internal Examination), I was 3cm internally and 2cm (was that for a week na khit ngalay nako) sa outer pero super soft na daw cervix ko. OB-Gyne just made an admission slip and ask his assistant to accompany me to the E.R. I asked our driver to go back to bodega where my hubby is (I stopped driving myself to check-ups after my 36th wk when OB said I was dilated na), so that hubby can join me and do the paperworks.

They prep me sa labor room, hooked me up sa fetal monitor. Around 3pm they broke my water bag to see if amniotic fluid is still clear, added a little dose of oxytocin. I was trying to push every contractions, i was feeling inip na, i wanted, actually desperately missing Caitlyn na. I oh so wanted it to get it done na ASAP. from 3cm at 3pm, i was 8cm na at 5pm. At 6:16pm, I gave birth via normal delivery (without any anaesthesia) to CANDICE JANELLE GO, she weighed-in at 6.82lbs and 48cm long ...

Presenting the newest addition to our family . . .

Home from the hospital, Achi (sister) Caitlyn with nanggigigil voice saying and pointing "BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!"

sideview pose at 6 days old

posing at 2wks old

SISTERS Caitlyn & Candice