Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spellbinder Dies & Accessories

Spellbinder Foil (12 Assorted Sheets) (Model # F-011) - P290.00
10 sheets 12.5cmx12.5cm Assorted craft foil which is great for all types of craft work including embossing using Spellbinders dies. Each roll is coloured one side and silver on the reverse. With all 5 colours in this pack including 2 x red, 2 x green, 2 x blue, 3 x gold & 3 x copper, there's plenty of choice for all your creating. This foil can also be dry embossed using an embossing tool or you can cut and shape it using scissors and punches.

Spellbinder 12x12 Tan Emboss Pad (Model # W-003) - P950.00
Tan Emboss Pads contains Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) which allows you to control the depth of embossing when working with foil and cardstock. This 12x12 inch pad can be cut to the size of your stencil to get rid of the "lines" around the edge of the embossed design.

Spellbinder Thick White Replacement Mats (Model # W-002) - P950.00
2 x 15cmx20cm Thick White mats White replacement mats for use with the Wizard Die Cutting Machine. Two mats in each pack measuring 15cmx20cm approx.

Spellbinder Charm Embossing Kit (Model # W-003) - P500.00
The Charm Embossing Kit allows crafters to emboss any flat charm into foil or cardstock. It also expands Wizard capabilities by allowing you to emboss and texturize with non-Spellbinders Texture Plates.

Spellbinder Labels One (Model # S4-161) - P1,250.00
This set of 6 concentric dies is so versatile and one of Spellbinders' most popular die template sets. It's a go-anywhere, do-anything kind of shape. Part of the Nestabilities line, the dies cut nested shapes with a ¼" mat around each layer. This makes cutting, matting, framing and embossing simple and beautiful. Approximate Image Sizes: 1 3/8" diameter, 1 7/8", 2 3/8", 2 7/8", 3 3/8", 3 7/8"

Spellbinder Flying Beauties (Model # S4-123) - P1,250.00
This collection of delicately embossed dragonfly and butterflies and will bring elegance and charm to any card, layout or altered item. Use the reverse stenciling technique on these to bring out another dimension in their look.

Spellbinder Flower Creations (Model # S4-072) - P1,250.00
The Die Template that started a series of mix and match flower collections. Only Mother Nature has more options for creating her gardens. Cut the Die templates from several different papers and layer a variety of styles for stunning results. Tiny Flower: 3/8". Small Five Petal: 7/8", Large five Petal: 1 1/4", Eight Petal: 1 3/4". Five thin petal: 2". Five "Paddle" petal: 2 1/8"

Spellbinder Watch Faces (Model # S4-067) - P1,250.00

Spellbinder Timeless Heritage (Model # S4-014) - P1,250.00
One of Spellbinder's all-time top dies. This vintage collection of images includes a pocket watch with hands that can be added, 3 delicately embossed buttons, a skeleton key and heart locket. These images will find their way onto myriad projects from dainty little girl pages to tribute albums. This is a "gotta have it!!" Approximate Die Template Sizes: Key: 2 5/8" x 7/8". Pocket watch: 2x2 3/4". Buttons 5/8", 7/8" and 1" diameters, Locket: 1 & frac12x2", Watch hands: 1/8"x &frac12"

Spellbinder Classic Scalloped Rectangles, Large (Model # S4-133) - P1,250.00
A foundational die template to be sure. The Scalloped Rectangles work overtime on cards, layouts and altered items. This die coordinates with S4-132 Classic Rectangle, Large. Approximate Image Sizes: (Scallops are measured from inside of points on each side) 1 1/4x 1", 1 7/8 x 1 1/2", 2 1/2x 2", 3 x 2 3/8", 2 3/4 x 2 7/8"

Spellbinder Classic Scalloped Squares, Large (Model # S4-127 ) - P1,250.00
This Nestabilities set is perfect for card making and scrapbooking. Stamp on one to feature on a layout or mount another die cut on one for a card. Combine the plain shapes and scalloped ones for even more versatility: frames, boxes, the list goes on. This set coordinates with the Classic Squares, Large, (S4-128) allowing for plain and embellished squares at sizes seen below. To have the most intricate offering, why not get the Nest-02, allowing for concentric frames at ⅛".

Spellbinder Classic Scalloped Circles, Large (Model # S4-124 ) - P1,250.00
Classic Scallops offer a larger scallop in this 6 die template set. With scallops and circles everywhere in paper crafts right now, you don't want to miss out on this set. These dies are 4¼" in diameter and scale down concentrically with a ¼" decrease in the radius. This set coordinates with Standard Circle, Large (S4-114) and Petite Scalloped Circle, Large (S4-115)

Spellbinder Standard Circles, Large (Model # S4-114 ) - P1,250.00
This set of Standard circles coordinates with all the "Large" sets of any of the embellished edge Nestabilities Circles. In other words, these straight edged shapes can be embellished by the Classic Scallops, Petite Scallops and Pinking edges. Cool, hugh? This set measures 3¾" in diameter and reduces ¼" in radius with each of the seven die templates included. It coordinates with Classic Scalloped Circle, Large (S4-124), Petite Scalloped Circle, Large (S4-115) and Pinking Circle, Large (S4-171). Approximate Image Sizes: 7/8" diameter, 1 3/8", 1 7/8", 2 3/8", 2 3/4", 3 1/4" and 3 3/4"

Spellbinder CLASSIC SCALLOPED OVALS, Small (Model # S4-113 ) - P1,250.00
A great set of scalloped ovals to enhance a collection. This five die concentric set features a medium profile scalloped oval and is great for card sentiments, journaling or embellishment mats. It coordinates with Classic Oval, Small (S4-112). Approximate die sizes for five images: 1x3/4", 1 3/4x 1 1/4", 2 1/4"x 1 3/4", 3x 2 1/4", 3 3/4x 2 3/4.

Spellbinder CLASSIC OVALS, LARGE (Model # S4-111 ) - P1,250.00
A great set of scalloped ovals to enhance a collection. This five die concentric set features a medium profile scalloped oval and is perfect for card sentiments, journaling boxes or embellishment mats. It coordinates with Classic Oval, Large (S4-110). For a 20% savings, buy the Classic Oval collection, see Nest-001. These dies are 3” x 4” and scale down at ¼” from there. Approximate die sizes for five images: 1 x 3/4", 1-3/4 x 1-1/4, 2-1/4 x 1-3/4, 3 x 2 1/4, 3-3/4 x 2-3/4.

Spellbinder CLASSIC OVALS, LARGE (Model # S4-110 ) - P1,250.00
This straight edge oval, with a medium profile, is an elegant shape and perfect for card making, home decor or scrapbooking projects. It coordinates with Classic Scalloped Oval, Large (S4-111). For added versatility and a savings bonus, purchase the Classic Ovals collection, Nest-001. These dies are 2.75” x 3.75” and scale down at ¼” from there. Approximate sizes of Die Templates in five images: 1 x 3/4", 1-3/4 x 1-1/4, 2-1/4 x 1-3/4, 3 x 2 1/4, 3-3/4 x 2-3/4.

Spellbinder NESTABILITIES - CLASSIC CIRCLES SET (Model # NEST-005) - P4,000.00
Circles sets, featuring Classic Circle Large and Small and combined set featuring Classic Circle Scallops Large and Small. These dies are 4.2” x 4.2” and scale down at ¼” from there. Set includes 2 straight-edge shapes: S4-114 Standard Circle, Large (7 dies), 24-116 Standard Circle, Small (7 dies) And 2 embellished-edge shapes, large scallop: S4-124 Classic Scalloped Circle, Large (6 dies), S4-125 Classic Scalloped Circle, Small (6 dies)

Spellbinder NESTABILITIES - CLASSIC RECTANGLE SET (Model # NEST-003) - P4,000.00
Rectangle sets, featuring Classic Rectangle Large and Small and combined set featuring Classic Rectangle Scallops Large and Small. These dies are 3.2” x 4” and scale down at ¼” from there.This die set contains two sets of straight-edge Die Templates: S4-130 Classic Rectangle, Small (5 dies), S4-132 Classic Rectangle, Large (5 dies) And two sets of embellished-edge shapes in large scallops: S4-131 Classic Scalloped Rectangle, Small (5 dies), S4-133 Classic Scalloped Rectangle, Large (5 dies).

Spellbinder NESTABILITIES - CLASSIC SQUARES SET (Model # NEST-002) - P4,000.00
This Nestabilities set contains squares with a large scallop. Purchasing the set is a money saver! These dies are 4” x 4” and scale down at ¼” from there. Included are 2 straight-edges sets: S4-126 Classic Square, Large (7 dies), S4-127 Classic Scalloped Square, Large (6 dies) And 2 embellished-edge sets with large scallops: S4-128 Classic Square, Small (7 dies) S4-129 Classic Scalloped Square, Small (6 dies).

Spellbinder NESTABILITIES - CLASSIC OVALS SET (Model # NEST-001) - P4,000.00
Oval sets, featuring Classic Oval Large and Small and combined set featuring Classic Oval Scallops Large and Small. These dies are 3” x 4” and scale down at ¼” from there. A versatile set of oval dies that you will reach for again and again. Layer the scalloped and straight edges for interesting and appealing designs. The collection saves $20 over buying the dies individually. The Spellbinders Dies will work with other die cut machines. These dies take very little storage space. The Spellbinder metal dies are the perfect die for cutting, embossing and stencil work. It includes 2 straight-edged shape sets: s4-110 Classic Oval, Large (5 dies), S4-112 Classic Oval, Small (5 dies). And 2 embellished-edge shape sets:S4-111 Classic Scalloped Oval, Large (5 dies), S4-113 Classic Scalloped Oval, Small (5 dies).

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Magazines for Sale!!! (Creating Keepsake)

Creating Keepsakes August 2008 - P150.00

Creating Keepsakes October 2008 - P150.00

Creating Keepsakes July 2008 - P150.00

Creating Keepsakes February 2009 - P220.00

Creating Keepsakes March 2009 - P220.00

Creating Keepsakes January 2009 - P220.00

Creating Keepsakes April 2009 - P220.00

Creating Keepsakes September 2008 - P150.00

Magazines for Sale!!! (Memory Makers)

Memory Makers Feb 2008 - P150.00

Memory Makers March/April 2008 - P150.00

Memory Makers Sept/October 2008 - P150.00

Memory Makers July/August2008 - P150.00

Memory Makers August/Sept2007 - P100.00

Memory Makers August 2008 - P150.00

Memory Makers May/June 2009 - P220.00

Memory Makers Jan/Feb 2009 - P220.00

Memory Makers Mar/April 2009 - P220.00